Pre-Construction Phase


Site visit – We will visit your home or place of business to discuss your project objectives. It’s an opportunity for you to meet with us in person and for our team to learn more about you, you’re lifestyle and the work to be done. We will review your design documents, get familiar with the job site and ask questions regarding your project expectations. The meeting will allow you to see if we’re going to be a good match for you, both personality-wise and professionally.

Collaboration – There may be building and/or site conditions identified in the site visit that need to be reviewed with your architect or an engineer. Subcontractors (trades such as plumbing, electric, masonry, etc.) may also be brought in for estimates and input on any detailed issues relevant to their expertise. The goal of this step is to eliminate any future surprises as much as possible and to work out cost effective design solutions ahead of time.

PricingWe offer both a lump sum and cost plus pricing option. The lump sum approach is based on a fixed price and payment schedule. The cost plus option gives a more detailed estimate of all costs with a fair, negotiated margin for our work. This “open book” approach allows you to inspect all our costs, including subcontractor expenses, at any time. It’s transparent; it’s fair and it allows our clients to feel more empowered in managing their project budget.

Estimate – Once we have finalized design documents we will prepare a detailed line-item estimate. Initially, we will work closely with the owner and/or architect to provide a preliminary estimate to refine the project scope and specifications. With a sense of the client’s budget we will research and evaluate products and materials to find the best solutions to meet their objectives.

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Agreement – When you are ready to get started we have a standard contract for you to sign. This also when we get an initial deposit – usually 10%.

Your Team – Once we have a signed contact we can assemble your team of professions – a project manager, lead carpenter and crew of any other needed tradesmen.

Scheduling, Permit and Approvals – We will review the project plans again with the owner and architect to get everything underway. A detailed construction schedule will be developed and any permits and approvals will be secured with the local municipalities.

Construction Phase

Now the work begins.AdobeStock_78230616_WM

Managing your Life or Business – We understand the imposition that a renovation project can have on your day-to-day life and we try to make it as easy on you as possible. We take special efforts to protect your living and working spaces – whether it’s building dust barriers or just keeping the work area clean. Even more to the point, we respect your privacy and your lifestyle. From cleanliness to manners, our team is aware that this is your home or office and we treat it the way we would want others to treat our personal and professional spaces.

Managing the Work – First and foremost, we strive to deliver quality workmanship. Our carefully selected team of highly skilled craftspeople shares this same core purpose. At the same time, we’re committed to getting the job done on time and on budget and that’s all about managing the project logistics. Our experienced project managers and software tools help to keep it all running smoothly.

Ongoing Communication – We stay in regular communications with our clients and give them online access to their own project tracking data to stay up to date on where everything stands.

Billing – Invoices are issued every other week.

Change Orders – While we try to meticulously review the design documents in the preconstruction phase of the project to avoid changes later on, things do occasionally come up. We will try to accommodate changes whenever possible if they are handled with a change order form that clearly communicates the nature of the change and any cost or scheduling adjustments that are required.

Close Out and Ongoing Support

Punch List – Our team will compile a punch list of details that need to be fixed to meet our own quality standards as the project approaches completion. These will be proactively resolved prior to any final inspection by the architect or client. Our goal is to achieve a zero punch list from the architect and client.

Project Completion – Upon completion we will review the overall experience with you and provide product information and warranties.

Ongoing Support – We take great pride in what we build and stand behind our work. We will check in periodically to ensure your project continues to be all that you expected. We offer a one year warranty on labor, we like to call a “workmanship warranty.”  We pass through material and equipment warranties provided by the manufacturer. If issues come up beyond the warranty period we will work with you to come up with a fair solution.

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